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Compact, graceful, simple
Wonderful color match of F.oak and matte white
bevelled splicing cabinet, exquisite surfaces of all sides
Solid surface integrated basin
45° oblique cut invisible handle
DTC soft-closing drawer guide
ABS material ultra thin u-shaped drainage pipeline access
Laser engraving LED mirror
1.Material:MFC 6292+MDF 7001
2.Color:6292 F.oak +7001 matt white
3.Environment Certification:
4.Design:Wonderful color match of F.oak and matte white,,inscribed 45° bevelled splicing cabinet,delicate surface for all sides.
5.Drawer running system:DTC soft closing damping guide rail,noiseless while open or close, more comfortable to use, reducing abrasion, longer life time.
6.Patented Design:ABS material ultra-thin u-shaped drainage pipeline access, giving more storage space while keeping nice look.
7.Hanging system:H90
1.Material:solid surface integrated basin
2.Color:matt white
3.Advantage:High quality raw material, fine texture, one body aluminum stone, easy to repair, natural and easy-dry, keep the basin fresh, antibacterial and yellowing resistant. Integrated double basin, seamless workmanship, easy to clean and good stain resistant
1.Material:LED glass
2.Design:rectangle shape
3.Advantage:Laser engraving flow mirror,LED light guide your way in the night,one key defoggingfunction.

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