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This gorgeous and futuristic 9821 shower column will add that extra function that you need in your shower.  Not to mention become a design focal point! The 6 massage jets, rain shower and handheld wand and controlled by anti-scald thermostatic zinc regulators will wow you. 


  • Stainless steel finished shower column with chrome accents
  • Adaptable to all showers
  • Stainless steel rain shower
  • Brass hand-held shower wand
  • 6 brass massage jets
  • 5 individual functions
  • 4 thermostatic zinc regulators with anti-scald safety
  • 1.5 m stainless steel braided flexible pipe for wand
  • CUPC Certified

Packaging: 1 box

Dimensions:  L X D X H

8.7 x 18 x 63 in.

22 x 45 x 160 cm

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