Expect-1900 75'' - Grey cement

Color: ciment
Size: 75"
Sale price$2,595.00


Powerful, serene, minimalist

The large, dark and sturdy double bathroom vanities display power and tranquility.

The minimalism style is simple but elegant, creates a peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom, which can lay your stress and tiredness down from all day work.



  • Wonderful color match of Walnut and matte black
  • 45° oblique invisible drawer handle
  • ABS material ultra-thin drainage pipeline access
  • Quartz sand intergrated basin
  • LED mirror with wrap-around light strip


1.Material:MFC 6292+MDF 7002
2.Color: Grey ciment +7002 matt black
3.Environment Certification:
4.Design:Wonderful color match of Walnut and matte black,inscribed 45° bevelled splicing cabinet,delicate surface for all sides.
5.Drawer running system:Push-open drawer,noiseless while open or close, more comfortable to use, reducing abrasion, longer life time.

6.Drainage pipeline access:ABS material ultrathin drainage pipeline access in rectangle shape giving more storage space while keeping nice look
7.Hanging system:H45

1.Material:Quartz sand intergrated basin
2.Color:matt black
3.Advantage:with mixed nanometer black crystal particles, showing matte crystal luster,fashionable and advanced; Its unique protective surface keeps the basin free of water stains; anti- bacteria, brings you a Healthy and natural bathroom space.
One boday integrated basin, seamless workmanship, easy to clean and stain resistant

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